The Visco mattress is a very popular type of mattress: The thermoplastic material is accompanied by a pleasant feeling of lying and a high-pressure relief. Especially with back and joint pain, you can benefit from the selective pressure relief that offers such a mattress.

In addition, Visco mattresses are also good for allergy sufferers: With a viscoelastic mattress, the risk of deposition of dust and mites are very low, which of course allergy sufferers can benefit. In addition, of course, the high adaptability of the mattress is one of its advantages: Since a viscoelastic mattress reacts to pressure and heat, it can optimally adapt to the warm and heavy body. In all other places, however, the mattress remains unchanged. Sensitive parts of the body are relieved by this pressure distribution, from which people in need of care can benefit.

Not only people in need of care but also people with back pain or joint pain can benefit from the high point elasticity. Even with circulatory disorders, selective pressure relief is beneficial. Unlike a spring mattress, you can sleep silently on a Visco mattress – and even for a long time, as Visco mattresses are generally characterized by a long service life.

For whom are Visco mattresses suitable?

Basically, viscoelastic mattresses are recommended for everyone – after all, they are not without reason as the “premier class” of mattresses. Our mattress check has shown that Visco mattresses are particularly recommended for allergy sufferers since dust and mites in the viscoelastic material hardly settle. Visco mattresses also offer a comfortable sleeping environment for people who fast-freeze at night.

Visco mattresses are also recommended for back pain and joint pain as well as circulatory disorders, as the high lying comfort prevents excessive pressure on bones, joints, and veins. Even with general pressure sensitivity, a Visco mattress is, therefore, the right choice for you. Even restless sleepers can enjoy a good night’s sleep on a high-quality Visco mattress – and in every sleeping position, as the mattress adapts to the body perfectly.

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Advantages of a Visco Mattress