Mattresses with a gel layer or gel core can be easily maintained and cleaned. A damp cloth is already sufficient thanks to the smooth surface. Special cleaning agents are not needed for this purpose. To avoid moisture and to preserve the longevity of the mattress, this should be aired regularly and turned around. If the mattress has a removable cover, it can simply be removed and cleaned in a washing machine. Gel beds must be treated very gently. However, the surface of the vinyl sleeve can also be cleaned without effort.

Which slatted frames are suitable?

The choice of a suitable slatted base is very important because this serves as supportive support. Usually, gel mattresses are relatively flexible and are compatible with electric, adjustable and also the rigid slatted frame. A suitable slatted frame must be selected taking into account the total weight (density of the mattress and body weight). For modern spring mattresses, which have a gel layer, a particularly stable slatted frame must be purchased. If it is a gel bed, then a robust and stable base is needed. Since the structure corresponds to that of a classic waterbed, a classic slatted frame is not needed.

Suitable for box spring beds?

Gel beds are closed systems and can not be combined with a normal box spring bed. Mattresses with a gel layer or gel core can be used in principle in a box spring bed. However, this does not make much sense, since the gel mattresses already provide very high-pressure relief. Do not miss to visit our mattress sale houston tx section for the best deal.

How do I recognize a good gel mattress?

A high-quality gel mattress buyers recognize on the one hand at the higher price and on the other hand on certain characteristics. In the gel mattresses with a gel core or gel layer, the mattress plays a crucial role in itself. The conventional criteria such as the degree of hardness, the volume weight, and the height give information about the quality. The gel core should have at least a height of 5 cm. The gel layer should be at least 3 cm high. Gel beds are judged similar in quality to classic waterbeds.

Care Tips for gel mattress and Which slatted frames are suitable?