Many mattresses are touted as miraculous solutions for back pain, which acts as a very sweeping solution to a very difficult problem. Of course, it’s not that easy, because when buying the right mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Before buying a mattress, buyers should be sure to know their own type of sleep, because it is up to you to choose the right mattress (and also to choose the right pillows), so sleeping on your stomach, back or side will make those attributes even more difficult Partners too? Especially in a double bed with a single mattress, unhealthy and restless sleep can be transmitted to the partner, but there are different mattresses for all these problems and sleeping positions.

The spine is not supported – it causes back pain

For side sleepers, for example, a mattress must yield slightly, as a result, the pelvis and shoulders can sink comfortably into the mattress and the spine forms a straight line during the night. Back sleepers, on the other hand, need special support for the neck and lumbar spine, so as not to sink too deeply, and abdominal sleepers should make sure that the mattress supports them sufficiently.

Mattresses with special reclining areas offer the body a variable underlay at different points, thus providing optimal sleep. The different degrees of hardness should ideally be divided up to three lying areas, the mattress offers significantly more different degrees of hardness, sleepers should theoretically move very little, so as not to leave the perfect sleeping position. Practically this is during a relaxed night sleep but very difficult to implement.

The best mattress for back pain

Also, the weight of the sleeper plays a crucial role in choosing the right mattress, especially in terms of the necessary degree of hardness. Because although the general rule of thumb is that more weight rests better on a harder mattress, the mattress manufacturers choose their degrees of hardness itself, a standard for naming the degrees of hardness. Mostly only hard, soft and medium mattresses are distinguished and both too hard and too soft mattresses have a negative effect on the night sleep. Amerisleep is the best Mattress store Tucson az.

Not everyone sleeps the same – which mattress is good?