About Pocket Springs core, Pocket Springs and Foam mattress

A cover with climate fiber, which spans the double bottom suspension, supports the breathability and ensures a comfortable sleeping climate. In addition, the covers have a climate and moisture regulating effect. The cover of the products is usually removable and can be cleaned at up to 60 ° C in the washing machine.

Pocket spring core (TFK)

In a pocket, spring mattress springs are sewn into individual pockets and not connected to each other, unlike, for example, a Bonell pocket spring. Pocket spring mattresses are therefore pointed elastic since only give those springs through which pressure is exerted by the body. The body is optimally relieved by the pocket spring core of a pocket spring mattress, but at the same time also supported. In order for the pocket spring mattress to be even more point elastic and comfortable, boxspring pocket spring mattresses, like conventional mattresses, are divided into 5 or 7 zones. The unique height is achieved by the double spring core of the pocket spring mattress. So you do not have to put an extra mattress on the mattress to reach a comfortable height.

Pocket Springs

The mattress with barrel pocket spring core is considered the highest quality spring mattress. Like a pocket spring mattress, the pocket springs in a pocket spring mattress are sewn into fabric bags. The steel springs of a pocket spring mattress have a bulge in the central area. This makes the springs particularly flexible and points elastic. Bucket pocket spring core mattresses optimally support the spine and loins and have outstanding lying comfort. Looking for Mattress Sales Washington Square, do not miss to visit our site.

Foam mattresses

The cold fluff mattress, like many other mattresses, is often divided into ergonomic zones. Through the zones, the corresponding parts of the body are optimally relieved and supported with a cold fluff mattress. The cold fluff mattress is extremely flexible and the point elastic has a good restoring force and supports the body optimally. The cold fluff mattress is also very breathable and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. In most cold fluff mattresses, the cover is also washable (usually at 60 ° C) – another plus for allergy sufferers.

Which mattress hardness for abdominal sleepers is recommended?

The degree of firmness of the mattress should be in the higher midrange and variable to ensure sufficient strength and to prevent the respiratory tract from becoming blocked. The pelvis and head should not be too soft but should not sink into the mattress. The degree of hardness of a mattress must be adjusted to the body weight and the type of sleep. Belly sleepers should pay attention to a medium-firmness degree.

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