The Uno / Solo waterbed is a bed for one person. It has heating and keeps the body on temperature. This has advantages both in winter and in summer. The Solo Waterbed can sometimes be used by 2 people. In such a case, of course, the water temperature can not be adjusted individually for both people. The dual waterbed is a waterbed for 2 people and is just superficially equivalent to a standard double bed. It consists of 2 different water mattresses and these can be adjusted by the temperature individually to the needs of the two sleepers.

Although the clamping force and the water volume of the dual bed can be set separately. For people with different body weights, this type is highly recommended. The waterbed box is basically a standard waterbed and has a rectangular shape. Some models are sold with frames, others are similar to the box spring beds. There are both models with drawers and classic designs. These have neither a frame nor other special features and consist almost only of the water mattress.

The round waterbeds have a very attractive look. They can be placed either directly on the wall or freely in the room. Round waterbeds are available with both Uno and Dual Water Mattress. Amerisleep is the best mattress katy az store.

Advantages of waterbeds


  • The body is more even on a waterbed than on a featherbed. It is less common for a body rotation and thus there is no reason to wake up. Since sleep is not interrupted, the important REM sleep phase lasts longer.
  • Thanks to a uniform distribution of the body and the non-existing pressure points, one lies on a waterbed very relaxed. The body sinks comfortably into the bed.
  • As the legs of a waterbed are slightly higher than the upper body, the blood flows more easily back to the heart. This promotes blood circulation.
  • The human spine is optimally relieved on a waterbed by gentle back pressure. The same applies to the intervertebral discs. Due to the very pleasant warmth, the muscles can relax well. A waterbed is a blessing especially for people with rheumatic disease.
  • For a heated waterbed, the temperature of the sleeper will remain at a steady level throughout the year. This has a very positive effect on the sleeping environment. Ordinary beds must first be heated by the body heat. The waterbed can be sent directly to a certain temperature and this also shortens the sleep time.
  • The heat reliably prevents the formation of mold. This makes the waterbed also ideal for people with a house dust allergy. Due to the greatly reduced backpressure, it is almost impossible to be sore. As a result, injuries and inflammation heal faster.
Which waterbed types are there?